Anti Covid-19 Safety measures

In the management of our Bed and breakfast, cleanliness and hygiene have always been fundamental aspects, and now we have strengthened them even more.

The rooms of the B&B are sanitized with the ozone machine and sanitized with the use of specific alcohol-based or sodium chloride products.

We clean and disinfect our facilities with extreme care – both the rooms and the common areas – and we sanitize all frequently touched surfaces (light switches, door handles, locker knobs, remote controls, etc.) before each check-in.

We pay particular attention to the ventilation of our rooms and to the cleaning of the vents and ventilation grilles.

We guarantee wide availability and accessibility to hand sanitizing systems with hydro-alcoholic solutions in various locations within the facilities, promoting their frequent use by guests and staff.


Thank you from the Colibrì Lanciano B&B